Does Walking Help You Lose Weight? 6 Reasons Why – Are you asking does walking help you lose weight? If you wonder if something as simple as walking can help you reach your weight loss objective – “youre on” the right track.

Does Walking Help You Lose Weight?

Yes it sure does. Here is how:

1- It is aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise makes your heart beat faster and increases your breathing. This process burns calories.

2- It tones your legs and buttocks

When you tone your body that means you are building muscle. And more muscle helps your body burn more calories even when you are resting. Muscle also gives you a long, lean look instead of a flabby one.

3- It makes you happier

Exercising improves your mood and makes you feel good about yourself. Depressed people tend to overeat more. When you feel good about yourself you want to take care of yourself. So by walking you are less likely to eat junk food.

4– It is something you can do your entire life

Walking is low impact. It doesn’t hurt your joints like operating or other high impact exercises can do. You can do it in your 70 s, 80 s and 90 s!

5- It is fun

If you dread working out you will probably avoid doing it. Most people find that they enjoy walking so much that they get hooked and never want to stop.

6- It is easy

It does not take any special develop. We already know how to do it. And you can do it your entire life.

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